Going Back To My Anime Roots

Growing up back in the 80s, the first bit of anime that caught my attention was Voltron: Defender of the Universe. I remember watching it daily, without fail, wanting to see the next episode! At the time, the thought never sunk in that the show was from Japan, let alone under a different name.


Fast forward to the late 80s thru the 90s. If anyone’s old enough to remember, the Sci-Fi channel ran a festival of anime, that ran a week in every summer and had glimpse of anime movies/series. Now, the channel is to “streamlined” to bring that back, but I digress. I remember waiting every year for that festival, because of two reasons. A: It gave me a chance to geek out. And B: If I liked the anime, it made my list of what to buy while at ACen, (Anime Central in Chicago).


This is the point of this topic. I’ve been tossing the idea around of buying some of those titles that really got me into the anime culture. Series like: Project A-KO, Record of Lodoss War, etc. Yes, they might be old, but they were good. If you love anime, wouldn’t you get titles that broke you into the stuff?


2 thoughts on “Going Back To My Anime Roots

  1. I remember a really old show, it was probably from japan. It was called Starblazers.it was like a big battleship that flew thru space. If i remember it could shoot this giant lazer thru the front of its hull.

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