I am Now Dragonborn!!!

Well, as you might’ve guessed by the title, this post is about my time on the game Elder Scrolls: Skyrim! Y’know, it’s been hard getting into the groove of the game, (life and stress an all that), but I’ve been playing for a few days, getting deeper in and I can say that it’s enjoyable…


Before coming to blog, my first battle with a dragon took place, & though it took several attempts, I killed the lizard, taking it’s Soul, giving me a “Shout”, (dragon power). This is exciting, because to me, playing with my one good hand, & doing something that take good aim with a bow and arrow is a great feeling!


I need to say this about the you tuber that did the guide though. Yes, his walk through of the game does  help, but the way he screws around and goes off to do random stupid stuff, like look at animals etc. gets annoying.


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