Taking A Look Back At A Gaming Trilogy I Love Playing

Before starting, let me say that there isn’t many First Person Shooters on the market today that I can play with my good hand. And let the Call of Duty players comment on this, telling me I need to try the game, I tried it, the game is unplayable to me. Besides that, it seems like they rehash the same game year after year, so I have no interest in Call of Duty.


With that rant out of the way, onto the topic. After moving to the apt. complex that had the bike path through the woods, I decided to buy a PS3. While at my local Game Stop, buying the console, the girl who worked there, recommended two games to me, Resistance: FALL OF MAN & ES: Oblivion.



At the time, t had no idea what a first person shooter was, so looking back, I think Resistance was the first game I popped in. Looking at the controller settings, I saw that I could remap the whole button layout of the controller, making my own custom layout, which I did. After doing so, it was game on! While playing this kinda shooter, it blow my mind, because the graphics, AI and the sounds of the creatures seemed to creep me out! ^_^


Though it was a long time getting there, I beat the game, & it felt great! 🙂



Enter Resistance 2:





Even though I had it when the game came out, the game was on my shelf for a while. Sure, I’ve setup my custom button layout, but due to living in a house with my sister’s kids on my case, I couldn’t get into the game. As soon as things calmed & I could sit down, the case was opened. Boy, if the first Resistance was good, Resistance 2 stepped it up!


The game picked up where the first left off, but it didn’t take long before I was back killing Chimaria!!! I have no real gripe about R2, but having no health meter and you could only carry two guns felt off. Overtime, I beat the game.


Enter Resistance 3:





I hadn’t pre-ordered a game, since the Mortal Kombat Trilogy way back when, however when Game Stop where taking orders for Resistance 3, money was plopped down for it. At first, the game left a bad taste in my mouth, because Insomniac Games took out the health regen feature out, having me hunt for health packs as I fight. This took some getting use too, believe me. Now, Resistance 3 isn’t so bad!!


I still play and enjoy all three games, & though their old now, but to me, they are enjoyable!


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