Help Wanted

A blog might not a best place to look for ask, (& the last artist I hired to do this just did a page then ran), but I’ll try again. As some who read my blog & know me online know, I write fan based hentai doujinshi, (Adult comics), parodying video game characters. Sure, I can’t sell them, due to me not wanting to be sued, but I just like writing them, and my book.


Months ago, I finished a script that I’ve worked on since Feb? Like I said, I posted a blog over on my old blog site on, that I was looking for an artist to draw it, & a reader recommended someone on the site. I contacted them, and they agreed to do the art, but after they did the cover art, nothing further was heard from him/her.


I tried to email many times, with no reply, They might have gotten busy with life issues, who knows. Anyway, I have model pictures of the characters & the script, if any artist reads this wants to do the art, and is willing to work for free, please let me know.

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