My Plan For After The PS3

Since the original Nintendo, (and even earlier then that), gaming has played a role in my life. Sure, I needed to work on a way to work the controllers with just my good hand, but it worked itself out, enabling me to play as I do today. Of course my style has gaps in it, however the way I game is pretty good.


When the PS3, & how the wireless controller fit in my lap, meant that tape wasn’t needed anymore, having me get better.  Basically, I’ve been gaming like this for years, but I’ve had to only get games that weren’t button happy, which in this age, isn’t easy. While true, I can adapt to most button layouts, other games have to many buttons for me to adapt too, making them impossible to play.


Anyway, with the PS3 era closing, I’ve done some thinking. By what I’ve read on a gaming website, (name of which escapes me right now), though the PS4’s due out in a few weeks, they’ll still produce ps3 games for a while. Then in three to five years, begin phasing it out. So, after the console’s done, I’m not getting a PS4. Instead, a new gaming computer will be build & that’ll be used to fill in. besides, PC games are easier to remap buttons on.


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