Am I Getting A PS4?

People are asking me if I’m buying a PS4 lately. Though I’ll admit, the debate is being tossed around, if I will be or not, those who’re asking need to understand a few things. One: I’m not ready to dump $400 on a new system, when I don’t know if the games can be played by me. Two: Four hundred bucks is a bit pricey for me.


Then, you must pay ex $$$ for Playstation Plus, if you wanna game online now, so that’s one extra monthly bill. The controller looks bigger, so not sure if I’ll be able to use it. Right now, I’ll say this. Yes, the PS4 surpasses the PS3, but with it being so new, to me, a new console’s not high on my list at this moment.


Happy Holidays From Shadowlight996

The holiday season is upon us once again, & though I’d rather sleep through em, as if they’re just another date on a calendar, I know others celebrate this time of year. No, I’m not a screwge, but ever since my parents passed years ago, this time of year holds no meaning for me anymore. Sure, my sister is alive, but going over her house, a.k.a. the mad house, isn’t fun, especially when her Boyfriend cuts me down because I have CP. So, most likely I’ll be here today/tomorrow, watching t.v., gaming or surfing the web, until my nephew comes home with food.


But for those of you who do get the meaning of this season, happy holidays!

Challenging Myself

I know this topic has been touched upon in a limited way in a previous post, but this is the only way that comes to mind to explain what I’m attempting. When the first Resistance game came out for the PS3, my game play was “Safe”, & what I mean by that is, I’d took cover, letting the game’s auto regeneration heal the character’s wounds, before pressing forward. Rinse, repeat, kill alien scum, take damage, heal.


Overtime,this changed! I don’t play Resistance 1 or 2, like a scared bitch anymore. Sure, cover is still used to heal, but with my aim better, at times I can get through a level with little to no health lost. However when Resistance 3 came out, the game developer took the regen feature out of the campaign mode, which had me take longer to beat said game, due to having to look for health packs.


I’ll admit, I almost gave up on trying to complete Resistance 3, but quitting ain’t my style, so after a lot of long nights, the game was completed. After which, an option to unlock the regen “cheat” was given, & yes, it was unlocked. From then on, the cheat’s turned on whenever I play the campaign, but this go round, something’s different.


This time, when I started replaying the game a few days ago, I wanted to push myself and see how good I can be WITHOUT any cheats backing me up. For the first three levels of the game, my play style was crud, which I’m sure, if I posted it on you tube, people would say how I played stunk. As time went on though, it got better, & I’ve learned a few tricks on how to handle certain enemies.


Tonight saw me taking more risks in the game! Sure, I died, but it was less than other times, which surprises me, because I always play Resistance 3 safe. perhaps it’s due to wanting a challenge, I dunno, but tonight I’ve played aggressively, mowing down enemies and not doing a bad job! Now I’m on the last few levels of the game, looking forward to beating it!


Hell, if a game capture device is bought soon, a walk through of the game might be done!

Advice Wanted

While tossing around finishing my vampire novel, (something I still plan on doing), another idea came to me. This seems so simple that it crossed my mind before, but people, namely my old leech of a caregiver, told me I can’t do it, because yada yada. The word, “can’t” is like a swear word to me, upseting me when people say it.


Anyway, the idea I had is to buy Stock in Coca-Cola & let the income from those shares generate some extra income every month. I understand that research needs to be done first. due to me being a newbie at this, but I’m going to read, search online, soaking in every bit of info before doing this. My nephew thought about doing the same, while his dippy girlfriend told me it’s a scam. However, to her, everything has a conspiracy plot behind it, so whatever.


If anyone who reads this has investing advice, can you please share?

Are The Japanese People Dying Out

Please excuse the lack of posts, I’ve beem relaxing, trying to get my creative juices in line, and such. There are a few topics I’d love to get your feedback on, so here’s the first. As of late, there has been talk of Japan having a low birth rate, & isn’t concerned about marriage/sex. Let me say, before going further, that I’m sure other countries fall into this category, hell after trying to meet the right girl for years, & being around kids who act up, I don’t want kids or marriage,


But back to the topic at hand. Japan can’t be the only country that has a low birth rate, am I right? The things I’ve read on this subject, suggest the Japanese Government is “partly” to blame. True, I don’t know. I tend to not believe any conspiracy theory.


What are your thoughts on this, readers? Are the Japanese people dying out?

What Helps You When Writing?

While trying to get back into the groove to write, my computer’s “Music” folder has been playing various songs, from J-Pop, Nightwish, Rammstien & other artists. It is helping get me back to that place, and as the music played, this topic sprang to mind.


Back when I first started my book, in 05-07, music helped draw my ideas out to the paper. Now, that is still true today, I hope, but before beginning, I “must be sure not to wake my nephew’s baby.” Whatever.  Point is, music seemed to unleash the flood gates, letting the ideas flow. This is how I get in the mood to write, and with that said, I’d like to know what other writers, bloggers etc. to get those ideas flowing?

Rants From A Struggling Writer

For sometime now, thoughts about how I could make money from home have been on my mind. A friend suggested I use my you tube gaming channel to make a little scratch, but I feel like I don’t have enough fan base to do that. Other people tell me to full out these serves, which sounds good on the surface, but I looked at some, read the fine print, & found out that to make a decent amount, I’d have to fill out serves 24/7 to make a dent. I don’t wish to sit here, filling them out that long.


Well, not long ago, feeling the sting of not having enough money left hit again, making me ask what to do. My nephews girlfriend said that I should finish my first novel & get it published. Believe me, that is something I’d love to do, once I plant my foot up my ass, stop feeling like I do, and complete the thing! Problem is, I don’t know who’d pick it up & publish it. It isn’t just that, would people like reading it. A few who I let read the chapters that were finished loved it, but will others like it.