Update On Somethings

Some good topics came to me today, but if I type em all now, I’ll be online half the night. So, this will be the start, then the other topics are going up all week. In this post, I’d like to give you reader’s updates on a few plans that have been in the works & my health.


First, my health. For those who remember, a post talking about what I’m doing to reshape my diet, by not drinking four Cokes a day, drinking more tea, eating healthier & drinking water. I’m happy to say I am holding true to my new ways, but now, some in my family think I don’t drink enough water, though there are nights I drink more water in an hour then they do. Whatever.


Adding to the heath update is my exercise plan, (not restarted yet). Why? Well, months ago a pressure sore started on my foot & has me trying not to put any weight on it, & when I practice with my sword, all my strength goes to my feet, making me push on my feet rest. Now the good news. Last week, my doctors FINALLY decided to visit, after months of BS, and a x-ray was taken of my foot. Hoping my foot bone isn’t infected, they’ll do something to make it heal like it should & stay away.


As for the hentai anime website I’m building. I’ve decided that once it’s built, it won’t be the thing that will generate income, so it will be a hobby. Right now, I’m still trying to brush up on html, while collecting pictures.


So, this closes this topic. 🙂


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