Thoughts On Sword Art Online, (the Anime)

Though thoughts on Anime series isn’t a topic that I’d cover her, but after watching some episodes of Sword Art Online, I’m feeling very torn. Before going further, let me say the episodes I did manage to catch, were interesting & drew me in, so this review won’t be a bad one. It’s just, well, it reminded me of an older series, .hack//sign.


Now, I’m not saying it was a bad thing, by any means.:) Remembering that old anime, made me look it up on amazon, wanting to buy it on dvd or blu-ray. Sadly, I don’t have what they’re asking right now! Back to the topic at hand, which is Sword Art Online.


For the episodes I caught, I like it, but having just twenty-five episodes? What the heck, man? In my opinion. the anime should get a second season, but we will see!




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