How Reading About….

This, I know, will be a semi- long post, but since no topics were put up this week, I’m making up for it. Ever since my teenaged years, Japan & its history have been a passion of mine! It seemed like every time a documentary or a show came on television, having to do with the Samurai, culture or how they made their swords, I’d watch it!


When one of my Martial Arts instructors, Pam Inman, lent me her copy of “Japanese Swordsmanship” I soaked it in, and after, bought myself a copy. As you may have guess, for those who haven’t read it, it gives a detailed account of the Japanese sword & its development over the course of Japan’s history. However, the book goes deeper into the history of the country as a whole, which amazed me, (still does).


Hours were devoted daily to reading that book, something my dog, Snoopy, didn’t like, due to me forgetting to walk her or let her outside. Even today, I can picture her looking up at me, sad eyed, begging me to let her out!


Anyway, one of these months, I just may splurge & buy that book again, because to me, it was a good read!!


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