Why I Don’t Collect Things I Want

This topic nay peg me as a super nerd, but I already am one, for I work on this computer all day. lol:) Anyway, growing up, I had the Voltron, some He-Man stuff & a few of the Generation 1 Transformers. However, you know how kids are, most of the toys I lost, broken or stolen by “friends”. Eh, live and learn, right?


While I’m older now, doing my thing to try to live, lately the thought of collecting G1 Transformer toys has been tossed around. Oh, if I collected them, they would be put up & not played with, because at my age, it’d look bad. If I did collect them, my nephew’s baby would surely be in here, grabbing at the toys & he’s rough with anything.


My nephew said just collect swords, but if I do that again, the chold would grab at those an pull em off the wall.

2 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Collect Things I Want

  1. Dude i had one of those series 1 transformers. Its still at my old house in a box in the old spare bedroom. Its a grey or silver porshe. No clue what its name was. Hey i collect random shit too..i have antique fishing lures but my biggest weirdest collection that i constantly feed into is military ordnance , ammunition, and military collectables. I recently got ww1 75mm shrapnel shell, brass variable time fuses, shell casings, and a 105 howitizer casing from th 50’s. Ill send ya some pics.

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