About My Writing

Most who have followed me here and on my old blog, on xanga.com have seen me mention that I’ve been trying to write my first vampire novel. Let me make it clear, before anyone thinks “Twilight Saga”. It is not like that sparkly vampire trash, my vampire characters stick to the lore!


When I first began writing it, it became apparent that I have a nack for writing, but at times, my sentences went on, the punctuation wasn’t in the right places sometimes, so my friend agreed to proof my works. With her aid, I’ve gotten better & most of the first book was knocked out.


However, as we worked/talked, she would bring up topic that I agree, I’d helped her and her husband with, after all, they felt like my adopted family. One day, she wanted advice on a personal matter, (not saying what). I gave my thoughts and advice, like always, but daily she’d rehash the same topic. Maybe it was due to me still trying to wakeup, or they fact that I was tired of hearing about “their cause”, but my foot came down and I nicely told her what I thought. It ended with her saying: “I’m not with the “cause”. then she blocked me.  What the duck?


I know this may sound like a excuse, but since that day, the fear of screwing my paragraphs up have stopped me from finishing the book. Last night, while watching a dvd, the drive ti write came back, so I’m going to what ideas flood from me soon. 🙂


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