Rants From A Struggling Writer

For sometime now, thoughts about how I could make money from home have been on my mind. A friend suggested I use my you tube gaming channel to make a little scratch, but I feel like I don’t have enough fan base to do that. Other people tell me to full out these serves, which sounds good on the surface, but I looked at some, read the fine print, & found out that to make a decent amount, I’d have to fill out serves 24/7 to make a dent. I don’t wish to sit here, filling them out that long.


Well, not long ago, feeling the sting of not having enough money left hit again, making me ask what to do. My nephews girlfriend said that I should finish my first novel & get it published. Believe me, that is something I’d love to do, once I plant my foot up my ass, stop feeling like I do, and complete the thing! Problem is, I don’t know who’d pick it up & publish it. It isn’t just that, would people like reading it. A few who I let read the chapters that were finished loved it, but will others like it.

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