Sunday Night Posts

Due to the one cup of Java that I had at 2pm, sleepiness hasn’t set in yet, (probably will after these two posts). In this first topic, I’d like to direct a question to my readers who maybe gamers. Over a year ago, a video capture device was bought & used to capture my PS3 game plays, which went on you tube. Sure, some of my walk through & Multi-player videos showed my dying a lot, they showed me gaming.


Sadly, the bloody thing got damaged, before other game plays could start, (my fault). I understand that the PS4’s out, & people may have moved onto the newer consoles, but for those who haven’t, this question’s for you. If I decide to order another Roxio Gamecapture device in a few weeks, would anyone want to see a walk through of Resistance 3, or Skyrim done by me, the one handed gamer? If so, comment or drop a like, & I’ll see what I can do! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Posts

  1. Sure do skyrim…dude that ps4 is looking pretty cool. My ps3 is getting fixed tomorow. So ill be back online causing

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