Advice Wanted

While tossing around finishing my vampire novel, (something I still plan on doing), another idea came to me. This seems so simple that it crossed my mind before, but people, namely my old leech of a caregiver, told me I can’t do it, because yada yada. The word, “can’t” is like a swear word to me, upseting me when people say it.


Anyway, the idea I had is to buy Stock in Coca-Cola & let the income from those shares generate some extra income every month. I understand that research needs to be done first. due to me being a newbie at this, but I’m going to read, search online, soaking in every bit of info before doing this. My nephew thought about doing the same, while his dippy girlfriend told me it’s a scam. However, to her, everything has a conspiracy plot behind it, so whatever.


If anyone who reads this has investing advice, can you please share?

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