Are The Japanese People Dying Out

Please excuse the lack of posts, I’ve beem relaxing, trying to get my creative juices in line, and such. There are a few topics I’d love to get your feedback on, so here’s the first. As of late, there has been talk of Japan having a low birth rate, & isn’t concerned about marriage/sex. Let me say, before going further, that I’m sure other countries fall into this category, hell after trying to meet the right girl for years, & being around kids who act up, I don’t want kids or marriage,


But back to the topic at hand. Japan can’t be the only country that has a low birth rate, am I right? The things I’ve read on this subject, suggest the Japanese Government is “partly” to blame. True, I don’t know. I tend to not believe any conspiracy theory.


What are your thoughts on this, readers? Are the Japanese people dying out?


3 thoughts on “Are The Japanese People Dying Out

  1. Great, the less Japs the better, they are a people that can never be trusted. Remember pearl harbor, which remained the largest attack on US soil until 9/11.

  2. Too much attention to racist comments does nothing but feed their ignorance. By getting into a debate with them on their thoughts and opinions, you give them a platform in which they can further spread thier seeds of hate. Think about this; people normally see see in others what they know is within themselves.

    The best thing to do for a racist is to walk away and leave them alone in their own little world. Racist comments only hurt if you listen.

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