Challenging Myself

I know this topic has been touched upon in a limited way in a previous post, but this is the only way that comes to mind to explain what I’m attempting. When the first Resistance game came out for the PS3, my game play was “Safe”, & what I mean by that is, I’d took cover, letting the game’s auto regeneration heal the character’s wounds, before pressing forward. Rinse, repeat, kill alien scum, take damage, heal.


Overtime,this changed! I don’t play Resistance 1 or 2, like a scared bitch anymore. Sure, cover is still used to heal, but with my aim better, at times I can get through a level with little to no health lost. However when Resistance 3 came out, the game developer took the regen feature out of the campaign mode, which had me take longer to beat said game, due to having to look for health packs.


I’ll admit, I almost gave up on trying to complete Resistance 3, but quitting ain’t my style, so after a lot of long nights, the game was completed. After which, an option to unlock the regen “cheat” was given, & yes, it was unlocked. From then on, the cheat’s turned on whenever I play the campaign, but this go round, something’s different.


This time, when I started replaying the game a few days ago, I wanted to push myself and see how good I can be WITHOUT any cheats backing me up. For the first three levels of the game, my play style was crud, which I’m sure, if I posted it on you tube, people would say how I played stunk. As time went on though, it got better, & I’ve learned a few tricks on how to handle certain enemies.


Tonight saw me taking more risks in the game! Sure, I died, but it was less than other times, which surprises me, because I always play Resistance 3 safe. perhaps it’s due to wanting a challenge, I dunno, but tonight I’ve played aggressively, mowing down enemies and not doing a bad job! Now I’m on the last few levels of the game, looking forward to beating it!


Hell, if a game capture device is bought soon, a walk through of the game might be done!


One thought on “Challenging Myself

  1. Talking about gaming, i was in a local Gamestop yesterday, had to buy a giftcard. While there the place was not busy so i was messing around and the clerk who worked there let me check out the ps4. Dude, this thing does everything and totally makes a pc, i pad, dvd, bluray player, totally obsolete, it utuilises your phone or ipad as a keyboard as it links itself to other electronic devices, it also has backward compatability to play older games. Its awesome. He said they take trade ins for ps3 consoles. I recently spent about 3 grand in tools for work added to the 27 thousand investment in tools and diagnostic tools, specialized Caterpillar engine tools that ive bought thru the years. So why not blow 8bills on a entertainment device…lol i dunno dude it looks tempting.

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