A bit Of This And That

Hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving got through it okay. Aside from a problem, of which won’t be gone into, that day went fine for me. Sorry if this post is all over the place, but I have a  lot on my mind.Would someone tell me the difference between a dvd and a Blu-ray disc? I know that a Blu-ray’s harder to scratch, but does it hold more info than a dvd? See, I’m debating on rebooting my anime collection with FF7: Advent Children on Blu0ray, but would like to know the difference before getting the disc.


This week, I’m planning on ordering myself two birthday gifts, but still have no idea what to get! 🙂 A drag huh? It isn’t the fact that I can’t decide, I can, it’s just the choices are to good to pick from, you know? I’d like to grab another Roxio Game Capture device, but if I spend $74.00 on a gift, my fricking nephew and his lil girlfriend would trip! I could just get a couple dvds of old anime from amazon, me guess.


Does anyone know how to translate Japanese Konji into English? I may’ve asked that in another post, but don’t remember. I have a few Japanese comics I’d like translated. Sure, the pictures tell the story, however it’d be nice to read what’s said.




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