You Tube Good News

For a time, ever since my capture device took a shiiiiit, my You Tube activity consists of commenting on subs videos, shootin the breeze with them, & nothing more. As I commented and whatnot, thought of what to do with my channel were being tossed around in my head, & the thought of not getting new capture equipment stuck in my head, but in time, I missed making videos.


Sure, a web camera could be bought & used to capture gaming vids, after all, that’s how I started my channel. However, video from a cam is choppy, at best, so I don’t want to go back to it. Well, enough keeping you all in the dark. Being that my birthday’s in twwo weeks, I said to hell with it, & ordered a new roxio game capture device from amazon. Yes, it was $70.98 new, but I don’t trust their “Open Box” deals.


When it arrives, I’ll hook it up and retrain myself on how to use it. After that, either skyrim or Resistance 3 will be shot and posted to you tube. If you care to see either one, please comment and let let me know which.


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