Pondering An Idea…

This would’ve been posted earlier, but I wasn’t feeling well, so better late than never. I’m sure everyone has heard about Dragon Speech Recognition Software, if not by t.v then word of mouth. Back in my teens, my dad gave me the trial version of it, hoping that even with my speech impairment, it might help me. Well, back then, with it being new, it wasn’t able to train itself to my speech.


Nowadays, with the newer versions out, I’m sure the software has been refine & gotten better, atleast I’d think so. This has me wonder if it’s worth it for me to try it & see if it helps me. Dragon may help, but who knows. What do you all think?


One thought on “Pondering An Idea…

  1. Dragon speach….does it mean you want to speak the Dovah language..are there really any dragons to talk to. I think you better stick with english. I dont understand dragon language. Lol, i dunno what speaxh software even does…

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