State Of Things

It has been awhile since my last post, of this I realize, & am sorry about, but well, there were days I didn’t wanna be found. Now however, it is time to post, so let me start by saying this. If I’ve touched on this, the birthday gift I bought for myself came Monday, which made my day, because it is something that has been on my want list for a long time now!!


What is it? A capture device to capture my PS3 Game play and post it on you tube channel. Guess that is what had me busy, relearning how to use the software. Anyone want to see videos from my channel? Let me say this beforehand though. I game with one hand, due to my disability, & yes, I get killed at times, but I do my best.


In other news: I’ve been debating on doing what my dad did as a hobby. No, not drinking,DJING. This was a long time ago, when he and his brother, my uncle D.Jed, but anyway. While their music was rock N’ roll, I’ve been into trance/club mixes, and thought about producing it, using my computer. So I’ve downloaded a demo of a program called: Fruity Loops and later I’ll sit down and learn it.


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