Feeling Abit Down

This might be a little depressing to read. That or the women who may read this maybe upset, but it’s what I’m feeling. With it being my birthday tomorrow, today had me looking back on myself and though I’ve tried to keep a good stance on events in my time, there is a few things I regret not doing.


For me, meeting girls/women was never easy, because of my disability & when I did, they’d either talk to me like I had no brain, wasn’t serious or laughed. After all this, I’ve talked to a few online, developed friendships with, a girl even said she loved me, but soon it was revealed she had been married and toying with me the whole time.


Here’s where the women might send me hateful email. Looking at the women in America, those I’ve seen/been around were overweight, had boyfriends or were not my type, (whatever is my type). I’ve always had been attracted to girl from other countries, (Asia, Sweden), don’t ask me why, but I have been. Having parents who have told me that Japan has looked upon the disabled as weak, trying to sway me, only made me wanna see for myself.


Before finishing this post, I’d like to ask, do the Japanese look upon the disabled as weak? Here is my goal for this year. To look into opening a dialog with a girl from Japan.


One thought on “Feeling Abit Down

  1. Don’t be giving one single FUCK what people say…the only way to find something is if you seek it out. Find someone like you, into what you like..and so what if someone is overweight..everyone has flaws. And stop listening to rhetoric bullshit..and HAPPY BIRTHDAY you crazy bastard…catch ya dude..

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