Christmas Week, The Week From Hell!!

Hopefully some of you had a good Christmas, getting what you asked for & whatnot. My week, however, didn’t go smoothly as I wanted, spending Dec. 25th at home in peace, no kid screaming, but I had to go to my sister’s for four days.


Sunday, the power was knocked out, because ice built up on trees, knocking a  few over on power lines. One of those trees in question is a tree our neighbor, who lives behind us can’t, (or doesn’t) get her landlord to cut the branches. I guess it makes no difference now, the tree’s down, but anyway, on with the subject. From the news reports, half the city had no power, & it got so bad that emergency shelters had to be opened.


Being at my sister’s for days wasn’t something I would wish on my enemy, if that makes sense. Why? Well, for one, I didn’t have my electric wheelchair, so I couldn’t move around and was stuck in a recliner. Two: That chair was my bed, which was hard to sleep in, so I had little to no sleep. Three: Her boyfriend hates me, because I’m disabled. The guy is your typical parasite, drinking Gin all day, drunk off his ass! Yeah, he (acted cool) til Christmas, getting me some headphones for Christmas, but spent nights coming downstairs, turning lights on, waking me up & raiding the fridge.


Finally, I must’ve caught a stomach bug there, because everything I ate didn’t stay long. Getting over it now, hopefully, but jeez. That’s been my week & if I had to redo it, I’d stay home!

One thought on “Christmas Week, The Week From Hell!!

  1. Dude dont feel bad, misery loves company. Xmas eve i had excrutiating fuckin stomach a nd intestine pains, felt as if ide pass out , was up till 4 in morn, felt shitty all day xmas. Saw only my dad n brother, no invite from any inlaws which i love and they love me to. Heard not a thing, no phone call not even a merry xmas on facebook. Then back to work with 4 mechanics on vacation and caal outs, theres usually 10 of us at the shop, we had just three. It u not alone.bro

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