Some Game Related Topics

Seeing that the year is coming to a close in a few days, I’ve been thinking about what to post next on my You Tube channel. Through a clear plan was created, which I’ve explained in a post”, I don’t have the music software yet, but a idea came to me today. For right now, some Resistance 3 Team Deathmatches will go up on weekends, & even though Skyrim hasn’t been completed, (yet), which I’d like to complete. However, a new game of Skyrim  can be started on one of my alternate PSN IDs.


With that said, some rules were set for myself. After watching my old Play through videos, seeing they were various times, I’ll ensure these play through vids are 15-17 minutes long, but if some parts are useless, they will be edited out. By useless, I nean if I stay in a spot to long, etc.


Before closing this topic, one thing is on the brain. Some years ago, I started playing World Of Warcraft over the Winter months and it was soothing as heck to me.Lately, the interest of that game has rekindled, making me think of buying and reactivating my old account again.


Here are two more parts of the Resistance 3 play through.








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