Back Into Practice

It has been a while since I could think about getting back into practicing with my Samurai sword, due to a sore on my foot. taking months to heal, but now it is healed. Last Saturday night, I took time out from watching anime to get some practice in. Though it has been a while, getting back into training felt great!!


Going back into my sword Kata, a bit of worry set in, worry that I forgot some moves, but that wasn’t the case. Once I settled in and did the techniques, the Kata came flowing out of me, like I never stopped training!! Needless to say, being able to practice again feels good, & I plan on practicing every night, after my nephew’s family goes to bed.


Why I’m Going Back To PC Gaming

While the new computer will double as a work & a game PC, some on my ps3 buddy list and other places might ask why I’m making the switch. To begin, let me say that I’m not a PC elitist, far from it, I’ll game on anything, if I can do it one handed. However, with that said, let’s be realistic here, console games, even though graphically amazing now, they have become to button demanding.

Sure, developers offer a few button configurations, but only a handful offer full remapping, & to me, that’s a bit stupid on their part. I’m not going to reopen why I think it’s stupid, (been covered), so let me move onto why I want to game more on computer.

Growing up, aside from the Atari systems we had, an Apple IIe was in the house. True, we didn’t have a lot of games for it, but the ones that were there, I liked to play. From the IIe, we’ve bought an Apple IIGS and that’s where games like Space Quest really caught my interest, because I could remap buttons to my liking, (that & the wit the game had.)

While I’ll game on anything, I grew up with PC games, and they are more adaptable to gamers like me. One game I really want to get back to is World of Warcraft. Yeah, I’m a geek, your point? 🙂 If BF3 and 4 can be used with a PC gamepad. those games are going to be on my list.

What will become of my ps3? I’ll still use it for gaming & crackle, but the computer will be for heavy gaming and work.

New PC Build Getting Undeway Soon.

Sometime last year, I blogged about one of my goals for the year, which was having a new PC built to replace this six year old dinosaur. Well needless to say, like a few of my plans, buying parts for the new tower fell on the wayside, due to life issues. Seems like I put plans on hold to often, so that others can be happy.


Anyway no more waiting. In a few weeks, I’ll be ordering some parts for the new tower, then once my nephew helps out, the rest of it will be bought. This new rig will be a gaming and workhorse computer, but I’m not buying a flashy case, (have a empty tower downstairs that I bought years ago, that I’m going to use.)


About the parts, I’ll be sporting a biostar Motherboard, that supports a amd athlon IIx3 450 3.2GHz. 16Gigs of ram, 1TB hard drive, a cd/dvdrw drive that I bought after the tower . I may bump up my power supply to a 600 or 650 WATT, not sure yet, but if someone reads this who can answer this. What’s a decent Nvidia graphics card for under $100.00? In the tower that will be replaced, I’m running the Nvidia 8600GT, but it’s six years old.


Lastly, a website called is helping me ensure all components are compatible. If the new tower gets done this Spring, I’ll post a pic!! 🙂

New Keyboard, New Start

Last week, the keyboard that I ordered got to replace the one with keys that stuck. When it was ordered, a keyboard cover was ordered too, but an odd thing happened. The keyboard cover, that was ordered at the sametime, got “lost” in shipping, having me emailing the company this week. Don’t ask me, how it went missing, maybe it went into the twilight zone & came back, it is unclear.


Last night, the cover finally got here & the keyboard was unboxed!! I must say, with all honesty, it fees nice typing on a keyboard that has no gummed up keys. Now maybe a few things can be restarted and completed!:) One more note: Perhaps the dj software can be bought & I can create music.

2014, My Plans

It has been a while since my last post about anything & for that, I’m deeply sorry, My keyboard has been sticking for months now, making it harder to type. Luckily though, a new one was ordered, along with a clear keyboard cover, so it’ll be protected from spills, food and whatever else. With that said, on with the post.


Now that it is 2014, I’d like to share a few of my plans for the year, if I may. First, for the you tube channel: A walk through of Skyrim is “STILL” on tap, but as I played last night, it became clear tha maybe I wasn’t as well rounded, like I should be. So, what I might do is replay the game, getting a few of the skills up, like smithing, one handed weapons, heavy armor & restoration. This time, however, I’ll record the game play, posting it on my channel & here for you all.


The second thing on my to do list is to get back into writing my vampire novel, because I know I’ve been saying I’d get to it, but…  Also, next month, some computer parts will be bough so that new PC can be built! 🙂 And finally: I’d like to get a new, bigger R/C truck for the spring/simmer, to get deeper into the hobby, as I was. Maybe not a Nitro powered truck, but a 1/10 electric monster truck, (I got one in mind too)!