2014, My Plans

It has been a while since my last post about anything & for that, I’m deeply sorry, My keyboard has been sticking for months now, making it harder to type. Luckily though, a new one was ordered, along with a clear keyboard cover, so it’ll be protected from spills, food and whatever else. With that said, on with the post.


Now that it is 2014, I’d like to share a few of my plans for the year, if I may. First, for the you tube channel: A walk through of Skyrim is “STILL” on tap, but as I played last night, it became clear tha maybe I wasn’t as well rounded, like I should be. So, what I might do is replay the game, getting a few of the skills up, like smithing, one handed weapons, heavy armor & restoration. This time, however, I’ll record the game play, posting it on my channel & here for you all.


The second thing on my to do list is to get back into writing my vampire novel, because I know I’ve been saying I’d get to it, but…  Also, next month, some computer parts will be bough so that new PC can be built! 🙂 And finally: I’d like to get a new, bigger R/C truck for the spring/simmer, to get deeper into the hobby, as I was. Maybe not a Nitro powered truck, but a 1/10 electric monster truck, (I got one in mind too)!


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