New PC Build Getting Undeway Soon.

Sometime last year, I blogged about one of my goals for the year, which was having a new PC built to replace this six year old dinosaur. Well needless to say, like a few of my plans, buying parts for the new tower fell on the wayside, due to life issues. Seems like I put plans on hold to often, so that others can be happy.


Anyway no more waiting. In a few weeks, I’ll be ordering some parts for the new tower, then once my nephew helps out, the rest of it will be bought. This new rig will be a gaming and workhorse computer, but I’m not buying a flashy case, (have a empty tower downstairs that I bought years ago, that I’m going to use.)


About the parts, I’ll be sporting a biostar Motherboard, that supports a amd athlon IIx3 450 3.2GHz. 16Gigs of ram, 1TB hard drive, a cd/dvdrw drive that I bought after the tower . I may bump up my power supply to a 600 or 650 WATT, not sure yet, but if someone reads this who can answer this. What’s a decent Nvidia graphics card for under $100.00? In the tower that will be replaced, I’m running the Nvidia 8600GT, but it’s six years old.


Lastly, a website called is helping me ensure all components are compatible. If the new tower gets done this Spring, I’ll post a pic!! 🙂

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