Why I’m Going Back To PC Gaming

While the new computer will double as a work & a game PC, some on my ps3 buddy list and other places might ask why I’m making the switch. To begin, let me say that I’m not a PC elitist, far from it, I’ll game on anything, if I can do it one handed. However, with that said, let’s be realistic here, console games, even though graphically amazing now, they have become to button demanding.

Sure, developers offer a few button configurations, but only a handful offer full remapping, & to me, that’s a bit stupid on their part. I’m not going to reopen why I think it’s stupid, (been covered), so let me move onto why I want to game more on computer.

Growing up, aside from the Atari systems we had, an Apple IIe was in the house. True, we didn’t have a lot of games for it, but the ones that were there, I liked to play. From the IIe, we’ve bought an Apple IIGS and that’s where games like Space Quest really caught my interest, because I could remap buttons to my liking, (that & the wit the game had.)

While I’ll game on anything, I grew up with PC games, and they are more adaptable to gamers like me. One game I really want to get back to is World of Warcraft. Yeah, I’m a geek, your point? đŸ™‚ If BF3 and 4 can be used with a PC gamepad. those games are going to be on my list.

What will become of my ps3? I’ll still use it for gaming & crackle, but the computer will be for heavy gaming and work.


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