A Lot On My Mind, Episide 1: My You Tube Channel

It has been awhile since my last entry & I don’t have a reason why, other then things (cough, my ex girlfriend) giving me fits. Anyway, topics have been building up that I’d like to write about, so without further talk, let me get right to it!


Since opening my own channel on You Tube back in 08/09, my focus of the channel was to show how I played some PS3 games one handed, and to me, I feel like I’ve accomplished that goal. Sure, there were people who left comments like: “I don’t see what this has to do with PC gaming/” etc. People without common sense don’t ready concern me. True, having a small channel means I don’t get many views/subs that bigger channels have, but to me, it doesn’t matter to me anyway. If people view my content, fine, but if they don’t, I won’t lose sleep over it.


Now to the here and now. Because of Google plus making it nearly impossible to change my channel’s name, I’m debating about opening a brand new one, but with a different format. Yes, the skyrim walk through will be on my old channel, once I complete the game. For the new channel, however, since I’m getting out of the console wars, due to button happy games, this new channel will have PC game play and some martial arts vids, when I get a webcam or capture software.


Let me know your thoughts! 🙂


Decided On Computer Build

If you’ve followed this blog for the last few months, then you know that I’m trying to build a new gaming/work horse PC. With that said, there is no denying the fact that its been hard to save up for parts, because of the people I gotta support, but that stops now! Anyway, the build started a few years ago, with a case, fan, power supply, cd/dvd rw and motherboard. Sadly, that build ended there.

Well this month, I’m committed to restart the build where it was forced to stop, with a few upgrades of course! True, the case, fan &cd/dvdrw drive I bought years ago will be used, because that computer case is still in the box, unused, so why put x amount of cash on a new case? Same goes for the cd/dvd, why spend extra money, IF not needed? The powersupply maybe upped to a 650 watt, anything over that would be overkill, in my eyes.

For a few weeks now, my time has been spend on pcpartspicker.com, building mock pc towers, finding out what arts work together, prices etc.Using the site was kinda fun actually & below are two links to two builds I like!



Both builds use AMD Processors and the first one would serve me fine, but the company offering the motherboard/CPU combo told me that in a few weeks, they won’t be offering the Athlon ii x3 combos anymore, so I hope my nephew gives me what he owes me in the next few days. If not, enter build number 2. This build started with the AMD FX 6300 CPU, a Geforce graphics card, (Nvidia’s are the only cards I trust, because I had ATI graphics cards an they sucked)! As I said, the puwer supply maybe bumped up to a 650 watt. Both builds have 1 TB Hard drives, with windows 7.

Other then the board/cpu combo, all parts will be bought from amazon, newegg or tigerdirect, companies I’ve heard of. And if needed, some parts will need to be bought month to month I’m sure, but the money Junior’s giving me will start the build, which I’m glad for!

To end this, I’d like to discuss these builds with you all, so please, like and comment! 🙂

More Martial arts Topics

In other posts, I’ve covered my own struggles finding an instructor, before and after Bill Baughman, but if new readers visit, I’ll recap a little. When my interest in the martial arts started, in the 90s, about half the schools my mom & I scouted weren’t interested in training me, or if they were, they were “Cookie Cutter instructors”, meaning they didn’t take time to work with me, and had me do moves that required two hands. Sure,  tried hard to do the techniques, but having the instructors talk at me an not to me, only made me lose interest in learning.


After finding Bill & seeing how far he went to work with me, sitting in a chair, reworking moves, the drive to learn martial arts came back. With that recap out of the way, let me move on. After he stopped teaching, the road lead me to a studio that let me keep my rank, but told me to forget what I was taught, because to them it looked faked. I busted my butt for so long, it wasn’t fake.


Anyway, that instructor trained me in Akido and traditional arnis, which I loved, because gave me a broader spectrum of knowledge to draw from. In 1998, after receiving my Black Belt, my niece and nephew wanted to learn martial arts,, however, a few lessons in, it became clear they were only in it due to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, T.V. series. I can’t begin to express the dislikes I had for said show, because in a way, it gave the martial arts a bad name, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject.


Today, the debate is being tossed round in my head on training my nephew’s son, once he’s old enough, but I’m not sure yet.



Expanding On My Swordsmanship

In a topic months ago, I covered how Hapkido was taught to me, but while my instructor took me under his wing, training me, he also trained me in the sword Kata I use today. When I first began taking martial arts under Bill, many people asked how I was able to do the techniques from a wheelchair and one handed. Well, after they saw me demonstrate how in a belt test, they understood the way it was done.

Now that’s said, let me expand on my sword Kata, how it was finished to honor him, but most importantly, how the sword sheathe is held in place, so it can be drawn easily. When he had to stop running his Dojang, (studio in Korean), 60-90% of the sword Kata was completed, making me think what would be the best way to finish it. As I practiced it in my fenced in back yard, a few idea went through my head on the best route to complete the task.

One day, it hit me. When I got to the end of the Kata, I’d picture how people might attack, & makeup four simple techniques to closeout the form. So, taking what he taught me, my creativity filled in the last section of the Kate, finishing it. To me, this was a god way to honor the man I respect.

Let me go into how my sword sheathe is held in place, using my wheelchair. Over the years, both my mom and I have tried many ways to get it stationary so it would stay put, letting me draw the sword. Sure, a few ideas failed, but the answer was so easy that I could’ve kicked myself, if my legs worked! 🙂 On every chair, there is a small space between the seat cushion & the armrest, where things can fall. Using this crack, I put the sheathe between my seat and armrest, making sure it’s in place.

Yes putting it like that marks the paint, but what can I do?