Expanding On My Swordsmanship

In a topic months ago, I covered how Hapkido was taught to me, but while my instructor took me under his wing, training me, he also trained me in the sword Kata I use today. When I first began taking martial arts under Bill, many people asked how I was able to do the techniques from a wheelchair and one handed. Well, after they saw me demonstrate how in a belt test, they understood the way it was done.

Now that’s said, let me expand on my sword Kata, how it was finished to honor him, but most importantly, how the sword sheathe is held in place, so it can be drawn easily. When he had to stop running his Dojang, (studio in Korean), 60-90% of the sword Kata was completed, making me think what would be the best way to finish it. As I practiced it in my fenced in back yard, a few idea went through my head on the best route to complete the task.

One day, it hit me. When I got to the end of the Kata, I’d picture how people might attack, & makeup four simple techniques to closeout the form. So, taking what he taught me, my creativity filled in the last section of the Kate, finishing it. To me, this was a god way to honor the man I respect.

Let me go into how my sword sheathe is held in place, using my wheelchair. Over the years, both my mom and I have tried many ways to get it stationary so it would stay put, letting me draw the sword. Sure, a few ideas failed, but the answer was so easy that I could’ve kicked myself, if my legs worked! 🙂 On every chair, there is a small space between the seat cushion & the armrest, where things can fall. Using this crack, I put the sheathe between my seat and armrest, making sure it’s in place.

Yes putting it like that marks the paint, but what can I do?


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