More Martial arts Topics

In other posts, I’ve covered my own struggles finding an instructor, before and after Bill Baughman, but if new readers visit, I’ll recap a little. When my interest in the martial arts started, in the 90s, about half the schools my mom & I scouted weren’t interested in training me, or if they were, they were “Cookie Cutter instructors”, meaning they didn’t take time to work with me, and had me do moves that required two hands. Sure,  tried hard to do the techniques, but having the instructors talk at me an not to me, only made me lose interest in learning.


After finding Bill & seeing how far he went to work with me, sitting in a chair, reworking moves, the drive to learn martial arts came back. With that recap out of the way, let me move on. After he stopped teaching, the road lead me to a studio that let me keep my rank, but told me to forget what I was taught, because to them it looked faked. I busted my butt for so long, it wasn’t fake.


Anyway, that instructor trained me in Akido and traditional arnis, which I loved, because gave me a broader spectrum of knowledge to draw from. In 1998, after receiving my Black Belt, my niece and nephew wanted to learn martial arts,, however, a few lessons in, it became clear they were only in it due to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, T.V. series. I can’t begin to express the dislikes I had for said show, because in a way, it gave the martial arts a bad name, but I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject.


Today, the debate is being tossed round in my head on training my nephew’s son, once he’s old enough, but I’m not sure yet.




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