Two days ago, while flipping through the channels, trying to find  something to watch on TV, I caught a ISKA Martial Arts competition on ESPN. Watching it brought back memories of when I first watched it, while rising through the ranks as a teen. Sitting here, watching the weapon forms competitions, (especially the sword Kata), my juices began to flow, making me wonder if I could create my own Kata, using the techniques I already know.


I know my master passed a sword Kata to me, when I trained under him, & finished it to honor his teachings, but the idea of creating a new Kata seems like a good idea. Has anyone done something like this? If so, any advice?


PC Build Update. (Parts Edition)

Wanted to write this update after I ordered the two parts, but got busy with things & forgot. So without any further hoopla, let me start. For this gaming computer, I had full intention on going with a AMD FX 6300 chip, however thanks to my nephew giving me what he owed, but saying “Don’t spend the full 300 dollars, we need food.” I went with a AMD Athlon IIx3 450 cpu/Gigabyte GA-78LMTS2P combo motherboard, for $104.84. Yes, I know the chip isn’t as fast as the fx 6300, but I can upgrade in a few months.

The graphic card was ordered the same day, however a bit of research was needed, because I wanted a decent entry gaming card, but didn’t want to spend a mountain of cash. I was planning on going with a Nvidia GT620, but after looking at reviews, I saw it wasn’t really great. So after more searching, the Radeon 7770 1Gig graphics card was a good card and fairly priced on amazon, so I got it.

Now I know what I said I wanted to go with a 650 Watt Power supply, but from what I’ve seen.  anything from a 430-550 Watt will do, so the 500 Watt PSU I bought a few years ago should do. As I said, parts can and will be upgraded later, I just want to get a faster computer then the dinosaur I have been using. Only the corsair 8 gig memory, (thinking 2 sticks of 4 ddr3 ram will do), the 1TB Hard drive, windows 7 are needed, but I’m buying a flash drive so I can pull my pics, book etc. off this computer.

There you go, my 2013/14 PC build. Truth, it will not be a PS4 killer, but at least to me, it’ll be a decent gaming rig that can be upgraded!!!:)

How did I do?

Oh How Far Fighting Games Have Fallen

Friday through Sunday, for giggles, I played one of the first fighting games I’ve bought after I had my PS3, Tekken 6. When the game first came out, two characters were easuest to me, so I’d use em in online matches, and most times won with the characters. Sure, there were the usual trolls, idiots and “one move spamming. think they’re pros” bullshit scrubs, but there weren’t that many of these.


I know a few gamers that to me, are good and play honorably, but one of them doesn’t play Tekken 6. Anyway, this weekend, to see how I’d fair, the game was played and though Friday an Saturday nights, I admit, I was rusty, any player that played me seemed like a scrub, who did one move, & though I proven he couldn’t beat me with it, they kept doing the same move, pissing me off.


Sunday, my rust was shaken off and I’ve won more matches, but it seems like fighting games have been reduced to no telent asshole scrub players, making me glad I’m leaving the consoles soon.

Computer Build Update

Finally, after two months of my nephew’s promises, he paid me out of his taxes and Monday the third, the new motherboard/chip combo & video card were ordered. It felt good to buy two of the [arts I need together, even though some part of me thinks I could’ve gotten better parts, (I’ll explain why in this post), I’ll be able to upgrade it a year from now.


As for the board/cpu, I went with the build below, (follow the link below if you’d like to see it.)


True I wanted to go with a better chip, but I\it can be upgraded later on. For the video card, before settling on the MSI Radeon 7770, research was done first, & most reviewers gave this a decent review for a budget build. Yes, the computer will not be a PS4 killer, but it’ll be faster than this computer I have now. Now just the hard drive, 8 gigs of memory & a windows 7 dvd are needed, which I’d like to have by May/June.


A Lot On My Mind, Episode 2: Ideas For Old Wheelchairs

Like anything, power wheelchairs have a “lifespan” of five years, before my insurance will pay for a new one. In the past, when I’d get a newer model, the old chair would be kept as a backup in case the new one broke down.


Though the same routine has been kept going, over the past ten years, the person who works on my chairs has been there with any replacement part, whether footrest bolts, or controller, my chairs seem never to go down for more then two days, (not even that). This has me thinking, do I really need him to keep my backup wheelchairs, if he fixes my main chairs so quickly?


This gave me an idea. I’m going to ask him if there is a market to sell used power chairs, and if so, would it be wiser to sell my old chairs every five years. If I can sell em, it’ll put extra income in my pocket, money I can use for anything.