Computer Build Update

Finally, after two months of my nephew’s promises, he paid me out of his taxes and Monday the third, the new motherboard/chip combo & video card were ordered. It felt good to buy two of the [arts I need together, even though some part of me thinks I could’ve gotten better parts, (I’ll explain why in this post), I’ll be able to upgrade it a year from now.


As for the board/cpu, I went with the build below, (follow the link below if you’d like to see it.)


True I wanted to go with a better chip, but I\it can be upgraded later on. For the video card, before settling on the MSI Radeon 7770, research was done first, & most reviewers gave this a decent review for a budget build. Yes, the computer will not be a PS4 killer, but it’ll be faster than this computer I have now. Now just the hard drive, 8 gigs of memory & a windows 7 dvd are needed, which I’d like to have by May/June.


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