Oh How Far Fighting Games Have Fallen

Friday through Sunday, for giggles, I played one of the first fighting games I’ve bought after I had my PS3, Tekken 6. When the game first came out, two characters were easuest to me, so I’d use em in online matches, and most times won with the characters. Sure, there were the usual trolls, idiots and “one move spamming. think they’re pros” bullshit scrubs, but there weren’t that many of these.


I know a few gamers that to me, are good and play honorably, but one of them doesn’t play Tekken 6. Anyway, this weekend, to see how I’d fair, the game was played and though Friday an Saturday nights, I admit, I was rusty, any player that played me seemed like a scrub, who did one move, & though I proven he couldn’t beat me with it, they kept doing the same move, pissing me off.


Sunday, my rust was shaken off and I’ve won more matches, but it seems like fighting games have been reduced to no telent asshole scrub players, making me glad I’m leaving the consoles soon.


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