PC Build Update. (Parts Edition)

Wanted to write this update after I ordered the two parts, but got busy with things & forgot. So without any further hoopla, let me start. For this gaming computer, I had full intention on going with a AMD FX 6300 chip, however thanks to my nephew giving me what he owed, but saying “Don’t spend the full 300 dollars, we need food.” I went with a AMD Athlon IIx3 450 cpu/Gigabyte GA-78LMTS2P combo motherboard, for $104.84. Yes, I know the chip isn’t as fast as the fx 6300, but I can upgrade in a few months.

The graphic card was ordered the same day, however a bit of research was needed, because I wanted a decent entry gaming card, but didn’t want to spend a mountain of cash. I was planning on going with a Nvidia GT620, but after looking at reviews, I saw it wasn’t really great. So after more searching, the Radeon 7770 1Gig graphics card was a good card and fairly priced on amazon, so I got it.

Now I know what I said I wanted to go with a 650 Watt Power supply, but from what I’ve seen.  anything from a 430-550 Watt will do, so the 500 Watt PSU I bought a few years ago should do. As I said, parts can and will be upgraded later, I just want to get a faster computer then the dinosaur I have been using. Only the corsair 8 gig memory, (thinking 2 sticks of 4 ddr3 ram will do), the 1TB Hard drive, windows 7 are needed, but I’m buying a flash drive so I can pull my pics, book etc. off this computer.

There you go, my 2013/14 PC build. Truth, it will not be a PS4 killer, but at least to me, it’ll be a decent gaming rig that can be upgraded!!!:)

How did I do?

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