The Old Martial Arts Juices Got Flowing

For a few days now, the thought of going back into more of my training, not just my sword form and sword blocks/strikes, but the stick defense and take downs has been kicking my mind. While what they say about you never forget the techniques might be true, one can get rusty or freeze, if confronted. Freezing if a attacker comes at me is what I fear and its why taking my training deeper might be a good idea.


Last night, while on you tube, I came across wheelchair self defense & in one section of the demonstration, the sensei, who’s chair bound was demonstrating how to take a stick armed attacker down empty handed. The techniques used were close to the moves I was taught with a stick. So, in a couple month, a pair of Arnis sticks might be bought. No, they won’t be used on people, just for training


I’d Like To Have An Open R/C Talk

With my Slash down until next week, (because of something I won’t go into), a debate is going through my head. It’s a debate that started last year, about at the season’s end, but decided to not do pursue it, at least not without more advice and research. Looking at the Slash, I’m thinking about asking about what I’d need to run LiPo battery packs, & if the r/c needs a conversion.


On the next topic, I’d like to have an open discussion, so please feel free to give feedback, give advice etc. Switching gears to when I get the Stampede, one thing I’m wondering about is if the people at the hobby shop could tune the receiver to the controller that my Slash uses. If it can be done, I won’t need to have two transmitters. Input??


Next thing, I’d like done to the Stampede, once paid for, is upgrade to aluminum parts. Looking at some videos an such, I’ve seen and heard people say that some stock parts break easy, if you land wrong. And since the new R/C will be a down & dirty jumper, mudding bad ass, I don’t want parts breaking easy. Also, to lower the body more, because some videos show a big gap between the chassis and body,


If you have anything to add, please comment! 🙂

Early Trip To The Hobby Shop Planned

Now that the issue of having more than one address on file with MTA Your Ride has been resolved, I’m planning two or three outings monthly, a plan that is already in play! 🙂 With this said, I was thinking of going to the local mall, to sell my games, then the hobby shop, in a week, but something came up yesterday, making me bump up the trip to the hobby shop.


Like always, after getting up yesterday, the first thing I did was go out & drive the Slash! The truck still blows my mind at times, due to the way it handles in the grass lot! Sure, it tips often, because of the sharp turns etc. & I do get urked at it tipping over, but it’s a good truck. Anyway, after charging the battery a second time, I was outside again. No idea how or when this happened, but a wire on the ESC was broken, and a sodder job is needed to repair it.


So today, I booked a trip to the hobby shop for this week to get the truck fixed! Come to think about it, not being at that shop in so long, the people who knew me there may ask: “Who am I?” lol. But all kidding aside, having the ability to go places again feels good!!! 🙂

An Excellent Day Away From Home

Today was my first trip to anywhere, using the Your Ride service in so long, that It felt good away from the house. Sure, it was snowy, cold and my chair slid down the ramp, but I wasn’t about to let that cramp my day! Since last using the service, three or four years ago, MTA has certainly made improvement to Your Ride, making this first trip a good experience for me!!! The buses look cleaner, bigger and the drivers don’t come off as thugs, whereas before the drivers looked as if they were hoods!


where did I go for my first trip out? The mall! Yeah, I know, it sounds lame, but for my first time out out, I just wanted to see how Your Ride would do, didn’t care about the destination to much. Now, about the mall. since my last trip there, a few years back, it changed, while some stores are still there! The Game Suck, (Uh Game Stop) that was there, closed, (YAY)! In it’s place, Media Replay is still there & I’ll be selling my ps3 games to them the next trip out there! FYE’s still there, Arby’s isn’t, (wahh), didn’t want Taco Bell, but eh had it anyway!


The Library is still there, which I did renew my library card! About all the stores are still there, with exception of a few. All and all, my day was a good day out crawling the mall! I do plan two trips next month! 🙂

Coming Out Of My Shell, Thanks To My R/C And Other News!

Before getting back into the R/C Car hobby, going outside wasn’t my idea of fun, even if people suggested I should go around the block. There isn’t many stores with in riding distance, so I wasn’t very motivated on getting out. Sad to say, when my Slash was bought, I took it out maybe three times last season. Don’t get me wrong it was fun, but maybe it was the battery issues and that traxxas peak charger issue that drained the fun for me, who knows.


This season, it feels like I’m back to myself! Every moment is spent out, running the Slash, tarring this lot full of grass up & only stopping long enough to charge the battery, eat and sleep! Heck, email and the internet take a back seat, if the weather forecast is nice, I’m outside. Maybe I’ll see about making the lot a dirt track, fudge it!!! 🙂


With that comes more good news!Ever since moving here three years ago, getting the local & only handicapped accessible taxi service here to take me places, has been impossible, which made me a bit depressed. Yes, I changed my addressed with them, which they required me to do, but when I’d call after that to book a trip, the automated service said there were two addresses on file an I can’t book until it was fixed.


Well, maybe it was the Spring air, or cabin fricking fever, but after a few emails to MTA and a phone call to Your Ride’s Manager, who I told him the whole issue, I finally got the issue resolved & have a trip to go to the mall planned for next week. You can bet if the trip isn’t on their Tuesday schedule, I’ll be calling him again! Now that I’m able to get places, I will not be ordering much online anymore!



Plans For The Slash And A Peek At My Next R/C

Since the season’s changing, bringing nicer weather, I’m not staying inside, my head in game or on the net as I was in Winter. Why would I be, when I can go run my 1/16th Slash in the driveway, the the field all damn day, something I’ve been doing the last few days! In fact, from the time I wake up, to sundown, I’m outside, only coming inside to recharge the batter, eat, or sleep.


Now with that said, let me begin the meat & potatoes of this. Last season, when getting the Slash, I posted that it’d be kept stock. And while that IS still my plan, some minor things are needed for it. One: More body clips. Yes, thanks to my losing the ones that came with the truck, I’m running without the body, which isn’t good, I know. Two: A body clip protector, so even if I roll the truck, no clips are lost. Three: A second battery pack, because I can switch packs and be out longer!! Pretty sweet idea, hmm?


At the end of the season, I’d like to get deeper into some other R/C Car things that had my mind working today. Example: Back when I had four trucks, I use to look at them and make some minor mods to them, having them work better for me. Sure, the work was mostly to the truck bodies, making the antenna hole, or the body clip hole bigger, but eh, they worked for me! Heck, I even had the hobby shop cut some of the roof off, so I could pick it up better.


Look below for the next truck I’m thinking of grabbing. For this truck, my mind is going nuts, because unlike the Slash, this one WILL BE upgraded! As always, a TACTIC 2.4 radio system will be put in, (same as in the Slash). The body clip protectors will be added, a custom painted body, (thinking blue), or something more flashy. Stronger front and rear bumpers, stronger A-Arms. Going to have it raised more, plus bigger tires. I’ll be making my own sunroof/handle for it, cutting bigger holes for the body posts, but those are my plans for the new truck.


The truck will be a jumper, basher etc! 🙂



First Day Out With My Traxxas Slash, This Season!!!

While there were a couple decently warm days before today, I could’ve been out, driving the truck, I waited. Today was spent outside, running my Slash R/C truck in the yard, & let me say, even though people said it doesn’t do to great on grass, the little beast worked great around our yard. Course my driving needs work, but that’s another story lol! 🙂


Unlike last season, where just a few days were spent outdoors a week, this year I plan on spending most nice days & nights outside, screw the internet time. Being out there, running it, got me thinking about buying the 1/10TH Scale Electric Traxxas Stampede, later this year!!!! Like last year, when I said it feels great to be back in the R/C Hobby again, the same mindset still holds, IT FEELS SO GOOOOOD!!!!! :))