Plans For The Slash And A Peek At My Next R/C

Since the season’s changing, bringing nicer weather, I’m not staying inside, my head in game or on the net as I was in Winter. Why would I be, when I can go run my 1/16th Slash in the driveway, the the field all damn day, something I’ve been doing the last few days! In fact, from the time I wake up, to sundown, I’m outside, only coming inside to recharge the batter, eat, or sleep.


Now with that said, let me begin the meat & potatoes of this. Last season, when getting the Slash, I posted that it’d be kept stock. And while that IS still my plan, some minor things are needed for it. One: More body clips. Yes, thanks to my losing the ones that came with the truck, I’m running without the body, which isn’t good, I know. Two: A body clip protector, so even if I roll the truck, no clips are lost. Three: A second battery pack, because I can switch packs and be out longer!! Pretty sweet idea, hmm?


At the end of the season, I’d like to get deeper into some other R/C Car things that had my mind working today. Example: Back when I had four trucks, I use to look at them and make some minor mods to them, having them work better for me. Sure, the work was mostly to the truck bodies, making the antenna hole, or the body clip hole bigger, but eh, they worked for me! Heck, I even had the hobby shop cut some of the roof off, so I could pick it up better.


Look below for the next truck I’m thinking of grabbing. For this truck, my mind is going nuts, because unlike the Slash, this one WILL BE upgraded! As always, a TACTIC 2.4 radio system will be put in, (same as in the Slash). The body clip protectors will be added, a custom painted body, (thinking blue), or something more flashy. Stronger front and rear bumpers, stronger A-Arms. Going to have it raised more, plus bigger tires. I’ll be making my own sunroof/handle for it, cutting bigger holes for the body posts, but those are my plans for the new truck.


The truck will be a jumper, basher etc! 🙂




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