Coming Out Of My Shell, Thanks To My R/C And Other News!

Before getting back into the R/C Car hobby, going outside wasn’t my idea of fun, even if people suggested I should go around the block. There isn’t many stores with in riding distance, so I wasn’t very motivated on getting out. Sad to say, when my Slash was bought, I took it out maybe three times last season. Don’t get me wrong it was fun, but maybe it was the battery issues and that traxxas peak charger issue that drained the fun for me, who knows.


This season, it feels like I’m back to myself! Every moment is spent out, running the Slash, tarring this lot full of grass up & only stopping long enough to charge the battery, eat and sleep! Heck, email and the internet take a back seat, if the weather forecast is nice, I’m outside. Maybe I’ll see about making the lot a dirt track, fudge it!!! 🙂


With that comes more good news!Ever since moving here three years ago, getting the local & only handicapped accessible taxi service here to take me places, has been impossible, which made me a bit depressed. Yes, I changed my addressed with them, which they required me to do, but when I’d call after that to book a trip, the automated service said there were two addresses on file an I can’t book until it was fixed.


Well, maybe it was the Spring air, or cabin fricking fever, but after a few emails to MTA and a phone call to Your Ride’s Manager, who I told him the whole issue, I finally got the issue resolved & have a trip to go to the mall planned for next week. You can bet if the trip isn’t on their Tuesday schedule, I’ll be calling him again! Now that I’m able to get places, I will not be ordering much online anymore!




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