An Excellent Day Away From Home

Today was my first trip to anywhere, using the Your Ride service in so long, that It felt good away from the house. Sure, it was snowy, cold and my chair slid down the ramp, but I wasn’t about to let that cramp my day! Since last using the service, three or four years ago, MTA has certainly made improvement to Your Ride, making this first trip a good experience for me!!! The buses look cleaner, bigger and the drivers don’t come off as thugs, whereas before the drivers looked as if they were hoods!


where did I go for my first trip out? The mall! Yeah, I know, it sounds lame, but for my first time out out, I just wanted to see how Your Ride would do, didn’t care about the destination to much. Now, about the mall. since my last trip there, a few years back, it changed, while some stores are still there! The Game Suck, (Uh Game Stop) that was there, closed, (YAY)! In it’s place, Media Replay is still there & I’ll be selling my ps3 games to them the next trip out there! FYE’s still there, Arby’s isn’t, (wahh), didn’t want Taco Bell, but eh had it anyway!


The Library is still there, which I did renew my library card! About all the stores are still there, with exception of a few. All and all, my day was a good day out crawling the mall! I do plan two trips next month! 🙂


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