Early Trip To The Hobby Shop Planned

Now that the issue of having more than one address on file with MTA Your Ride has been resolved, I’m planning two or three outings monthly, a plan that is already in play! 🙂 With this said, I was thinking of going to the local mall, to sell my games, then the hobby shop, in a week, but something came up yesterday, making me bump up the trip to the hobby shop.


Like always, after getting up yesterday, the first thing I did was go out & drive the Slash! The truck still blows my mind at times, due to the way it handles in the grass lot! Sure, it tips often, because of the sharp turns etc. & I do get urked at it tipping over, but it’s a good truck. Anyway, after charging the battery a second time, I was outside again. No idea how or when this happened, but a wire on the ESC was broken, and a sodder job is needed to repair it.


So today, I booked a trip to the hobby shop for this week to get the truck fixed! Come to think about it, not being at that shop in so long, the people who knew me there may ask: “Who am I?” lol. But all kidding aside, having the ability to go places again feels good!!! 🙂


One thought on “Early Trip To The Hobby Shop Planned

  1. Wow i had to solder a esc wire to motor, it melted connection due to overloading the engine with a prop thats monstrous..but it sure is fast

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