I’d Like To Have An Open R/C Talk

With my Slash down until next week, (because of something I won’t go into), a debate is going through my head. It’s a debate that started last year, about at the season’s end, but decided to not do pursue it, at least not without more advice and research. Looking at the Slash, I’m thinking about asking about what I’d need to run LiPo battery packs, & if the r/c needs a conversion.


On the next topic, I’d like to have an open discussion, so please feel free to give feedback, give advice etc. Switching gears to when I get the Stampede, one thing I’m wondering about is if the people at the hobby shop could tune the receiver to the controller that my Slash uses. If it can be done, I won’t need to have two transmitters. Input??


Next thing, I’d like done to the Stampede, once paid for, is upgrade to aluminum parts. Looking at some videos an such, I’ve seen and heard people say that some stock parts break easy, if you land wrong. And since the new R/C will be a down & dirty jumper, mudding bad ass, I don’t want parts breaking easy. Also, to lower the body more, because some videos show a big gap between the chassis and body,


If you have anything to add, please comment! 🙂


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