The Old Martial Arts Juices Got Flowing

For a few days now, the thought of going back into more of my training, not just my sword form and sword blocks/strikes, but the stick defense and take downs has been kicking my mind. While what they say about you never forget the techniques might be true, one can get rusty or freeze, if confronted. Freezing if a attacker comes at me is what I fear and its why taking my training deeper might be a good idea.


Last night, while on you tube, I came across wheelchair self defense & in one section of the demonstration, the sensei, who’s chair bound was demonstrating how to take a stick armed attacker down empty handed. The techniques used were close to the moves I was taught with a stick. So, in a couple month, a pair of Arnis sticks might be bought. No, they won’t be used on people, just for training


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