Returned To Soul Cal. 5

About two weeks ago, I sold off half my PS3 collection, because I want to get out of console gaming. While that is still my plan, two games were kept, Skyrim & SC5! Two Saturdays ago, (think it was), SC5 was put in and played. Of course no surprise came when my rustiness showed, but I kept playing.


Well, with in a few days, the rust was shaken off, letting my skills become sharp again. However, with that said, I’ll admit something here: 1. I’m not the best player in SC5, BUT I’m not the worst. 2.Due to my disability, pressing buttons fast, isn’t something I can do simply, so I make due. I’d like to get a a controller with the rapid fire function, like the one I had.


While playing the game these last couple weeks, a couple things about playing online hit me, like a brick. As before, some players pitched a fit, if they don’t win against me, telling me “I’m good, but I whatever to much.” And there are players who, for whatever reason, think when beaten, they need to ask for several rematches so they can spam me! My answer to them is: “It’s just a game, quit whining and play!” & “If I beat you once, I don’t grant rematches.” Bad of me?


I do play against friend on SC5 and we joke around and don’t take the game to serious, like those players above! Some good friends were met on that game and know about my gaming with a disability.


Below are two videos of matches I had while playing. One is my Demon Hunter in a ranked match, and the other is one of my book characters, Asuka D’cara, fighting a player.




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