More Ideas For Stampede

Even though the truck hasn’t been bought yet, more ideas are getting me deeper into what type of basher the Stampede I want it to be! The other day, at the hobby shop, I discussed how and what I’d like done to make this next R/C a aggressive machine, & judging from how they work with me, I’m sure the mods can be done with ease.


First on my to do list of upgrades is a set of Pro-Line Trencher tires! These will give my “Pede” a much better stance & make it able to get over anything, (& they look bad as hell!) Next upgrade, though this won’t be asap, is to get everything aluminum, because if this truck’s gonna be run hard, I’d want it to be less likely to break! For a body, I’m thinking a 1920s-1950s style ford body, since old truck designs have always fascinated me. 🙂


Like the Slash, the Stampede WILL need two body clip holders, that’s a must. I’d like to have mudflaps added, but what do you all think?


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