Not A Big Fan Of Sports T.V. But….

Like some kids growing up, I use to watch the WWF/WWE on t.v. though I knew it was staged. Even into my teen Wrestling was what I watched every Monday night, but with kickboxing and martial arts demos on ESPN2, what I liked to watch grew! And now, I feel that the WWE has grown to scripted, that I can’t watch it much.


Nowadays, while my roommates watch the NFL, NBA etc. my sport of choice is Glory Kickboxing. Sure, it’s only on once a month, but I don’t mind.


R/C Thoughts

Having a Radio Controlled electric truck and being able to go out & run it is a great feeling, especially with my nephew’s annoying kid around! This season alone, my time inside the house has been limited, due to the nice weather, I’ve been getting up, charging the Slash’s battery pack & headed outside! Haven’t cared to much about gaming or web surfing, to me, on days I can go outdoors, those two things aren’t important.


There is a “but” in this topic, however. Though the 1/16 Slash has brought me back to the hobby of which I love, I’ve been wanting to put somewhat bigger tires on it, so running in our yard would go better, but there are very little tire options for the truck. Before saying what I;m thinking, let me say this I enjoy the truck and would love it if Traxxas offered bigger tires for it.


With that said, I’m tossing around the plan to either sell the Slash as is this Fall, using the money to get a 2WD Stampede XL 5, (a monster truck I know that can be upgraded), or keep the Slash an (try) saving up for the Stampede!

My Ideas For A Seasonal You Tube Channel

This has been something I’ve wanted to try for a while now, but wasn’t sure how well it’ll be received. however, I’ll never know until I try! With that said, the idea is to do a you tube channel with seasonal content. For example: For Spring thru Fall, RC content, like running & upgrade videos. And for Winter: Martial Arts stuff.


The reason behind this idea is because I want to show people that I have other hobbies, not just video games. When will I launch the new channel? Probably 2015, because I need a few things, like the Stampede, a Webcam, Martial Arts gear & someway to record running videos first.


So yeah, that’s the first goal I wanna reach for myself.

R/C Fun & Long Overdue Topics Coming!!!

Once again life made me busy and sadly, it didn’t leave me time to blog, until now. Let me get right back into it with some news on what happen with  my 1/16th Slash a couple weeks ago. For a while, I’ve noticed a loss of performance with the truck, as if it wasn’t charged. Then, it’d speed up, slow down, speed u and slow down, like the batt. had a bad connection.


Well, two weeks ago, I ran the Slash and flipped it, but when I turned it bacck on it’s wheels, the truck acted like the gears became disconnected from the motor, because the electronics were working, but the truck didn’t wanna run. Looking back on the run, it was a bad flip, flipping twice, then boom! Called the hobby shop, explained the issue and they thought the same, (gears separated from motor).


Well, because of the MTA Your Ride fooling around, my trip to the hobby shop didn’t happen until last week. When I got there, they tried it, telling me the motor maybe bad, which made sense, the truck is two years old & seen abuse, but… When the guy tried a new battery, the Slash ran, like a boss!!! Here I thought the worst, when it was the pack giving out completely! Bought a new battery and I’m happy to report that the Slash is back ripping up the streets! 🙂


Oh, my plan is to buy one more batt. as a second pack next month. Onto other news: Though busy, a lot of good topics came to mind, so please stay tuned! 🙂