R/C Thoughts

Having a Radio Controlled electric truck and being able to go out & run it is a great feeling, especially with my nephew’s annoying kid around! This season alone, my time inside the house has been limited, due to the nice weather, I’ve been getting up, charging the Slash’s battery pack & headed outside! Haven’t cared to much about gaming or web surfing, to me, on days I can go outdoors, those two things aren’t important.


There is a “but” in this topic, however. Though the 1/16 Slash has brought me back to the hobby of which I love, I’ve been wanting to put somewhat bigger tires on it, so running in our yard would go better, but there are very little tire options for the truck. Before saying what I;m thinking, let me say this I enjoy the truck and would love it if Traxxas offered bigger tires for it.


With that said, I’m tossing around the plan to either sell the Slash as is this Fall, using the money to get a 2WD Stampede XL 5, (a monster truck I know that can be upgraded), or keep the Slash an (try) saving up for the Stampede!


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