Update On The RC Car I Forgot!

Sorry for not posting any new topics lately, I’ve been out enjoying the Summer. Let’s get down to the topic. Some weeks ago I posted about my old R/C Touring car that I left in limbo for six years and I wanted to resurrect. Well, having some time today, I called my friend at the hobby shop & he looked the car over to see what it needs to get it running.


Turns out, all that’s needed is a radio system & battery pack, then it’ll be running, which is great! Next season though, I may upgrade the car’s motor and ESC to a brushless setup, because knowing how the R/C world has changed, I’d like to see how much fun can be had with the car! 🙂


An R/C Car I Forgot About

Forgive the long stint without posting, so much happened as of late & I’ve been out to lunch trying to process it all! The two I live with had another baby, (I’m less then pleased over it), but that’s not the subject of this post. What is on topic is this bit of great news my local hobby shop told me yesterday, while I was in there buying a second pack for the Slash.


Six years ago, I dropped off a Tamiya RC Touring car to have the usable parts transferred to other RCs I owned.Sigh, needless to say, my life got thrown into limbo, due to a caregiver & I forgotten about the car. Honestly thought the hobby shop got rid of it, but guess not!


As we talked yesterday, the guy who knows me asked if I knew that they still had my old car in their back room? I was surprised as hell, saying what?! We talked about the car for a while and he asked if I still wanted it, but at the time, I said, I wanted it sold with the Slash in the Fall. However, my mind started to think about it today, thinking about the six years I’ve lost with the car and what it could be, given the TLC.


So a call was made to the hobby shop, asking if there are parts available for it, which was a yes.Then I told Cameron, (my friend and who works there) that I’d like to keep it, possibly upgrade it to a brushless system. He advised me that the car doesn’t have a slipper clutch, so I can’t have a super fast brushless system, because it’ll burn the car out, maybe a mild brushless system?


He’s going to look at the car to see what we’d need to get it going, then my next trip up there, discuss what we can do! My mind’s made up, I’m going to get it up and running through the winter, because the car was a decent on road R/C, and I had it six years, why not keep it! 🙂 First thing I’ll have em upgrade is the paint job, because for some reason, my wannabe gangster nephew may think the paint work that is on the body means something gang related.

With this in mind, an idea crossed my mind and a google searched got me the picture of the new paint scheme!!!



Paint Idea