Idea For Tamiya TL01 Restoration

Seeing that I’ll be going to the hobby shop next week to get the Slash’s receiver pulled and put into the Tamiya car, I thought I would share an idea that came to me Monday night. While looking at the Slash, the idea of putting the 550 12 turn motor and esc into the TL01.


I know I said the Slash would be sold, but no one’s asking about it, so why not? I called the hobby shop yesterday to ask if the motor could be transplanted & if it would work, my buddy told me if I had it done, it’d be perfect for the car! It feels great knowing a six year old r/c car has me this pumped up & ready to see it reach it’s full potential.


New R/C Area Found

Before the storms hit Monday, I took a walk in my neighborhood, something that was loooooooong overdue. While motoring down the sidewalk for a few blocks, I came across a church parking lot that would be great for running my truck & car! True, the lot is half the size of the lot I’ve use to drive in back in the day, & I have to brave bushes that look like forests to get there, but the lot’s bigger then our driveway, so I’m happy!


Since it’ll be raining all week, the chance to drive the Slash in it’s new stomping ground will need to wait, but the first dry day we have, I’ll be there, ripping up the area!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reconnecting With Good Memories

While at the hobby shop the other day, getting the Slash what it needed, the guys brought out my old Tamiya TL01 Touring car they’ve had for six years. It doesn’t need saying that once my eyes saw the car, the blood started pumpin’, bringing back the memories of driving the girl, making me more itchy about restoring her!!!

As I looked the car over, I couldn’t believe how “Like New” the girl looked. Sure, she had no speed control or receiver & the tires had virtually no tread on em, but there IS a good basis for a rebuild, which I’m planning on by next Spring! For now though, I’m gonna get a battery pack & take the receiver from the Slash and have that put into the car next month.

Not To Happy With Venom Battery Packs

With the R/C Season coming to an end in a month or two, I’ve been trying to get out an run the 1/16 Slash every nice day we have, hence the lack of posts. With that said & out of the way, let me got to the topic of this post.

As people who read the posts about my passion for the R/C hobby can probably guess that keeping my truck in top running order is something that takes priory in my life. I’m happy saying there was very very little damage to the truck so far this season, (Knock on wood). There was, however, battery pack issues, which weren’t major, but a bit annoying!

Like any hobby, making sure your car or truck battery pack is in good standing is a must, if you want to have maximum fun! And I’ve learned that packs a year or so old don’t hold a change, like they did when they were newer, causing me to buy two new sets, which I don’t mind.  This leads me to the reason why I won’t buy Venom battery packs, or anything from that manufacturer again.

When the old traxxas pack started to fail, the hobby shop sold me two venom 1600 Mah batteries, giving me the go ahead to charge em at 2 amps, which I did. However, in a month, one started becoming really hot after charges & showing signs of dying. Thankfully, the hobby shop gave me a new pack, no charge, but that one did the same thing, even though I cut my charger back to 1 amp.

I went back up the shop yesterday, (Friday) and jokingly told em: “Y’know though I like coming here to get away from my bullheaded family drama and to tease you guys, this battery issue’s not fun!” They agreed and didn’t charge me for the exchange, giving me a new stock traxxas batt. pack. Must say, the stock packs never fail, until the year mark is hit, so I’m sticking with em!! 🙂