Weekend R/C Fun & More

A few days ago, when I tried posting this, a key was pressed & the post was erased, so it’s take two! If you see a title like this from me, you’d think it is about my 1/16th Slash, but this entry’s about the old Tamiya TL-01, the car that the hobby shop stored for years! 🙂 Yes, after all these years, the old TL-01 finally was brought back to life last Friday, & read on, if you wish to know my feelings on how it did! 🙂


The night before picking it up, excitement had a hold of me, making me not sleep, so I just laid in my bed. As I did, good memories of the car and how much fun I had driving it, start to flood back to me, hyping me up to get it! To be honest, laying there, I was happy the car was left at the hobby shop, because if it wasn’t, it’d be lost in the several moves over the years.


Though pretty tired, the trip came to go bring the TL-01 home. So the Slash and it’s transmitter were packed an taken with me. Once at the shop, seeing the old car, knowing it’ll be coming home made me smile, causing the sleepiness to melt away! I know the Slash’s up for sale now, but with the receiver now in the Tamiya, I told my friend to put the Slash’s esc and motor in the car, which he did!


Saturday was the test run & let me say, with the truck motor now in the car, it flies! In fact, I can’t take an eye off it for a second, it’s that fast! 🙂 A couple down points though… 1. I’ve forgotten that because the car’s lower to the ground, it picks up rocks easier. Not a big issue, but just need to tip it upside down after running all day. 2. Had my buddy put the throttle and steering on one stick, however after a few runs Saturday, I think I’ll have it switched back to a two stick! lol. 3. After hitting a few bumps, causing it to flip, a nut that held the wheel assembly on. Now a wheel’s crocked and the car grinds, so I hope to go to the hobby shop this Sat. and have it repaired.


All & all, the old girl purrs! It feels great having a 1-10th scale r/c to run ragged again! As soon as I can, pictures will be taken and posted, just need a camera first! 🙂 Now, onto the second half of this post.


Sometime in 2015, not sure when, I’ll be switching the format of my you tube channel away from gaming, to showcase some of my other interests.