State Of Affairs

Wow, I just looked at when my last entry was &, all I can say is I had my head in the sand, heh… But no, I am sorry for the long long silence, just didn’t feel like myself is all. However, there are things I’ve done, bought etc. that I’d like to touch on now, then do a detailed post later, (In a couple days).

First off: My 1/16th Slash has been sold! Yes, the truck that brought me back into the Radio Controlled hobby is now someone else’s joy, but don’t think I’ll be going out of the hobby anytime soon. I’ve got my old Tamiya TL-01 car that I put new life into, & it’s finally getting it’s broken piece replaced.

Add to that R/C, I’m planning on putting a Stampede 2WD or a 2WD Rustler in layaway next month or after the first of the year.

Now for other news, Last month it was decided that I would buy some of the old Anime series/movies that broke me into the culture. Well, the first dvd on my list got here & enjoyed, (more later).


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