Returning To Anime Roots

Even though this may be my first in dept  anime posts I do, I’m doing it because the anime was one if the first which hooked me on Anime. This might show my age, but back in the 90s, the Sci-Fi channel had a week long movie marathon called: “Festival of Anime.” This hit almost every Summer & I use to watch it, making a list of what Anime looked interesting enough to pick up.

My first or second year into the festival, a Project A-ko peaked my interest, (Image Below).


Even though it has questionable subject matter, (I looked past that, because the movie has other good points), like, comedy, action, tanks etc. After watching this anime, I scrambled to see what store had it, but at the time, only the Japanese version could be found. Sure, now I only watch English subtitled anime, but back then I was dumb lol 🙂

Well, like I said a few days ago, I’ve bought Project A-ko on dvd & it quickly came, later that week. The first night after it got to me, I watched it, & boy it maybe some years old, but the movie still makes me laugh! It feels great having one of the first anime that got me into the craze back!

Next plan is to get more anime and rebuild my once huge stash!

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